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Those who are not interested are, of course, forgiven. But for any who are wondering, here’s a little bit about us:

It’s hard to fathom, but we’ve been on this adventure together for thirty plus years now.  And looking back on it all fills us mostly with joy and wonder. Neither of us would have predicted where we have ended up, or many of the steps along the way for that matter.

Here’s a smattering of what the past three decades have involved: We have served as teachers, chaplains, church staffers, and non-profit executives. Along the way we’ve had the privilege of raising three amazing kids. We’ve moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again—twice. We’ve driven clear across the US and back roughly 10 times. We designed and built a house in Massachusetts. We helped start a church in California. Before our first child graduated high school we all spent a month in Spain walking the Camino de Santiago together.

We’ve spent the last decade in the greater Washington DC area with Jim working for an international human rights agency and Jenna continuing her work in early childhood education (along with some parent coaching and a bit of cosmetology—both of which she is licensed to do).

These last ten years have been significantly about preparing and launching our wonderful kids—the youngest of whom will soon finish college.

Taken together, these last three decades have been an epic journey. As we transition back toward an “empty nest” kind of life, we are considering a very different kind of journey—A Tiny Journey!

In the back yard of our lovely, normal-sized suburban home, we are building a Tiny House. For the time being it will serve as extra space as we host aging parents, our children and their many friends, and any visitors who come our way. (And yes, please consider that an invitation!)

Long-term, we expect that this tiny house will play a central role in our lives as we look toward the next phase.

We’ll be posting about the process of building the house, feel free to join us for this leg of the journey!

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