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The first virtual tour!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In which Jenna walks us through the interior layout of our Tiny House.

Several of you have been asking us if we are building our Tiny House according to a published set of plans. The simple answer is, we aren't.

The slightly more complicated answer has to do with the series of decisions that end up determining some of the broad strokes of the design for you:

  • Trailer Size: How long will the trailer be? How wide? Generally builders choose lengths ranging from 18' to 28' or so. The width of the trailer is a little much less flexible. For some simple information on the limits of these choices, see my post on sourcing a trailer.

  • Entry door placement: Where will you enter the house? The side? The end? This choice will significantly affect on the layout of the main elements inside.

  • Kitchen/Bathroom placement: Because these elements contain heavy components, there is some wisdom in placing at lest one of them at the "back" of the house (away from the trailer hitch and behind the wheels). This will keep some weight off the hitch end of the trailer.

Given design elements in some of the Tiny Houses we liked, we decided on a side-entry door with the kitchen across the back of the trailer. From there we will custom-build all the interior elements: Kitchen cabinets, folding kitchen table, storage, stairs, bathroom wall, loft storage, etc. I'm really looking forward to that!

So, to give you a sense of where all this is going, I asked Jenna to give us a little virtual tour. Enjoy!

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